Tuesday, April 5, 2011

moto q

Moto Q flash file its about 114 Mb

It contains the following firmwares


Make sure you have a completely full battery for this process.

Place your phone into bootloader mode by holding the A and Return/Enter Key while pressing the END/Power button.

Start RSD Lite and connect your phone.

ow browse to any one of the monster packs

It will take awhile. Be sure not to disconnect your phone. The best thing to do is sit back and smoke a cigarette and leave your PC alone.

Sometimes this process fails if so just remove your battery and start it up again in bootloader and flash it again with the upgrade file.

Remember flashing your phone will erase all data and restore it to default factory settings. You will need to reactivate your phone by dialing *228 option 2 and option 3.

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